Over 80% of skin lightening products being sold elsewhere online , are fake versions.This is a serious problem as evidenced by all the negative feedback on sites like ebay amazon and other private websites.We are located in Japan and througout the Asia-Pacific region and purchase directly from the manufacturers who are located right here as well ,often just walking distance from our offices.This is the only way to be sure you receive authentic products straight from the SOURCE.Worldwide shipping, all prices in USD.

Bleach your skin not just one or two but several shades lighter.


5/5 Product:bleaching/skin lightening orange peeling lotion.Let me say straight out this is the strongest skin bleaching product i have found.It bleached my skin numerous shades lighter,as i believe it is a professional strength skin lightening product.I would give this product 10 stars if i could.

Lakeisha Ward, Desplaines Illinois U.S.A

5/5 Products:Kojie san soap,gluta-c intense skin whitening body scrub & I white Korea imported 2 minute bleaching gel.My skin is getting much lighter these are stronger products then what im used to before.

Jerome Tilden,Akron Ohio U.S.A 

  5/5 Product:Cosmo skin glutathione skin bleaching capsules.They dont deliver to U.S APO or military bases so i had to have it sent back home to my relatives in california which was inconvenient. As for the cosmo skin capsules i love them they have lightened my skin much much more then i could have imagined.

Response from owner:hello diane as much as we love the military personnel,most carriers do not deliver to military bases. We deliver to 99% of countries around the globe but certain places like military bases or antarctica just are not possible.Thank you.

Diane Estes,San Bernadino California U.S.A


4/5 Products:Watson bleaching capsules,glupa lotion.First class mujhe pasand hai pooree tarah se saphed ho gaya jaisa priyanka chopra. I love it thank you so much i cant thank you enough.

Manju Agarwal,Andheri East Mumbai India

5/5 Product:Bleaching/skin lightening orange peeling lotion.Usually the orange peeling lotion is used in dermatology offices as a skin lightening treatment, so i decided to try it out.My skin is bleached a heck of a lot lighter did not disappoint,save yourself the time money and headaches and get it right the first time.You will not find skin lightening products that will lighten your skin as much as this in 95% of other places online.I know because im using lightening products for 19 years.cheers

Darlene Young,Goring on Thames U.K.

5/5 Products:High potency yellow peeling oil,g.t bleaching cream,a-bonne skin lightening miracle spa milk & Watsons glutathione bleaching capsules .A friend of mine in Japan uses this yellow peeling oil and capsules  and suggested them.These are strong and will lighten your skin more then just a couple of shades.I look more mulatto mixed race now then completely black.

Tina Oruko,Abuja Nigeria


5/5 Product:Bleaching/skin lightening orange peeling lotion.I usually dont leave reviews.The orange peeling lotion was featured in a ebony skincare blog that was not sponsored.The before and after results looked great.I got two bottles and tried it out.Hard to imagine that just a lotion can bleach your skin this much lighter.This company is keeping it real it did exactly what it said it would do.

Destiny Ward,Atlanta Georgia United States

5/5 Product:Kojie san soap.

LEGIT this is the real deal.Not like the ones i got previously from another seller which was not original.

Claudia Washington,Baltimore Maryland United States

5/5 Products:Kyusoku bihaku bleaching capsules,a-bonne skin lightening miracle spa milk..These skin lightening products are stronger then those i have got here locally in nigeria.By far the best bleaching products i have ever used.Thank you.

Babatunde Okafor,Lagos Nigeria

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