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The skin bleaching industry is just like any other industry.We all went the best products that will achieve the results we desire. Many people don't know which skin lightening cream or lotion to use.We offer a limited few which are hand chosen the cream of the crop.We save you the time and effort to search for the best skin lightening products, best skin whitening products and best skin bleaching products.These 3 terms are often used interchangeably but essentially mean the same thing.99.9% of the time we run into two types of customers.Those who look black but desire to not look completely black anymore but rather more exotic looking such as looking mixed race in appearance with a light caramel looking skin tone as opposed to a dark brown complexion.The other type of customer we run into is one who doesnt want to look mixed race but white or caucasian all together this is a personal preference.In general if you want to visibly bleach your skin lighter,it is best to use a internal AND external product.A external product is any skin lightening product you apply on your skin such as a soap lotion cream gel serum etc.A internal product  usually refers to glutathione bleaching capsules .The combination of these two is what VISIBLY bleaches your skin lighter fast

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