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Kojie San soap and the Kojie San product range

Kojie San is one of the more established brands in the skin lightening industry.Google analytics show that "kojie san soap" "kojie san lotion" and "kojie san cream" are one of the most searched terms under the sub category of skin lightening.Along with the tremendous popularity of Kojie San ,comes many fakes and fake versions.A estimated astounding 80% of Kojie San products sold online are fake versions.We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer which in turn,is the only way you can be sure you are receiving the authentic product.In this case, we purchase our kojie san from a company known as beauty element ventures in or B.E.V.I  they are the manufacturer of kojie san and located literally right across the street from one of our offices,so you receive authentic kojie san straight from the source. This is the only way you can be sure you are receiving authentic kojie san.Authentic Kojie San soap can be found here
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