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Kojie San Skin Bleaching Soap 3 Bars X 65 Grams = 195 Grams

Kojie San Skin Bleaching Soap 3 Bars X 65 Grams = 195 Grams

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Kojie San soap contains a high concentration of kojic for strong whitening of the skin.It is also used to bleach hyperpigmented skin,dark spots,sun spots and age spots.3 bars in total 65 grams each for a total of 195 grams.Make sure you lather it very well producing lots of bubbles and apply a lot of the soap on your face .Let it remain on your face for 2 minutes before rinsing off with water.This product should be used daily.

Verified reviews:

Shannon logan, Beaverton Oregon United States 5/5 *****  I use this for my dark spots been working like a charm for 20 years.

Simran Al Shahib Doha,Qatar 5/5 ***** this is probably one of the strongest skin lightening products in soap form available.

Brenda Hutchinson Inglewood California United States 5/5 ***** great for skin bleaching i like the smell.

Barry wallace Plano ,Texas United States 5/5 ***** started out using kojie sans for evening out my skin, now i use it to lighten my overall complexion.

Linda Almos Seattle,Washington United States 5/5 ***** My regular supplier of this kojie san soap passed away last year.After that i have purchased kojie san from a few different suppliers, unfortunately all of them were fake.This kojie san is the  authentic one because i never broke out from it.I also took it to my dermatologist who verified it contains exactly what was written on the back of the box,meaning its real..Kojie san is really popular so there many sellers selling fake versions all over the internet  amazon ebay etc which ofcourse they wont tell you, this company has the real one.

Response from owner:

Thank you so much mrs.almos,for your glowing review of our products and services and that you took the time to leave such a nice review.We appreciate it. Our offices are located literally right across the street from beauty element ventures,who are the manufacturer of kojie san, so we purchase from them to ensure you get the real & authentic kojie san straight from the source. Best regards 


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