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bleaching /skin lightening orange peeling lotion 100 ml top selling product

bleaching /skin lightening orange peeling lotion 100 ml top selling product

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This product comes in many different  variants including professional and regular strength,glutathione enriched, kojic enriched classic and several other versions.This is the professional strength glutathione +kojic enriched version.

The orange peeling lotion is a professional skin lightening and bleaching treatment that has replaced high frequency pulse lasers as a common skin bleaching treatment used in dermatology offices.Simply put, the pigment or your dark skin color is located at the epidermal or surface layer of your skin.Some skin lightening products actually do lighten the  lower layers of your skin,but are not strong enough to reach the dark pigment at the surface.

In other words, you have to gently fade or remove the pigment at the surface.The orange peeling lotion is one of the few products that gently fades the dark pigment first  and then bleaches the skin lighter in one step. Without the first step, you cannot bleach your skin lighter.It is a high density professional skin lightening & bleaching lotion. It does not peel off, but rather is unnoticable as it gently flakes off similar to using a regular moisturizing or beauty lotion.It can be used alone or with other bleaching products depending on how many shades lighter you want to bleach your skin.

Note:We strongly suggest to quickly wash and rinse your face with a strong skin lightening/bleaching soap such as the belo classic kojic tranexamic soap found on page one prior to applying the lotion.

Apply the lotion on your face, neck,or anywhere you want to bleach your skin using a cotton ball or your hands.

Do not take a shower or expose your skin to water for eight hours after application as your skin will be lightening.Use it once a week to maintain results.Increase or decrease usage depending on how light you want your skin to be.

***Purchase 2 bottles receive a third bottle complimentary at no additional charge.

***View before/after photos in our "about" section


Verified Reviews:

Tyrone Johnson,Jamaica Queens N.Y 5/5 *****  Dope product.Im a put it this way man.Im in the fashion industry i need to look good.This here lotion and the watsons glutathione tablets i got from this matsui company are the only products i have ever tried that have lightened my skin.Im a save you time and money from experimenting with different products that dont do shyte.These two products going to straight up lighten your skin PERIOD.

Lisa Watley,Hackney,U.K  5/5 ***** I guess the best way to describe this product is that there was no doubt i looked like a black woman before i used this product.Now after i have been using this lightening lotion to lighten my skin people ask me if i am bi racial, thats how much it has lightened my skin.cheers

Jody Tompkins, Overtown,Miami Florida 3/5 *** Excellent whitening lotion but they dont deliver to military bases .

Response from owner:

Thank you Mrs.Tompkins for bringing this to our attention.We thank you for your service and we fully support all military personnel.At the moment, dhl,ups,and fed ex do not deliver to military bases.We hope that changes soon.We deliver to 99% of countries around the globe,military bases are one of the rare places we dont but we certainly hope to soon. 

Michelle Lee,Richmond,BC Canada 5/5 *****  I use this orange peel bleaching lotion to lighten my skin.I just look more exotic i guess is the word.I do embrace my melanin but at the same time i look like a much improved version of myself.

Bianca Nunez ,Northbrook Illinois United States 5/5 *****  This is the strongest skin bleaching lotion i have used.I heard japan and korea in particular are really well known for high quality skin lightening beauty products.I ordered a few different japanese and korean skin bleaching lotions and they were good dont get my wrong,but this is great no other way to describe it.

Deepa Bhatia, Greater Kailash,New Delhi India 5/5 ***** Main poore tarah se saphed fair ho gaya.Lag rahe priyanka chopra

 Michael Lewers,Flatbush Brooklyn N.Y United States 5/5 ***** Im in love with this lotion and their watsons glutathione bleaching tablets.They are beauty items that actually do as they claim,to say my skin is lighter would be the understatement of the decade.

Zawadi Kamba Nairobi ,Kenya 5/5 ***** thank you.

Michelle Dubois ,Carrefour Haiti 5/5 ***** It not easy to find the beauty product here in haiti that make the skin white like this your product extraordinnaire merci beaucoup

Lisa Petry,Brentwood California United States 5/5 ***** its just a skin lightening lotion so nothing complicated involved.You definetly will notice though your skin has literally changed its color meaning from brownish wheat in my case to medium white.This is for people who want to lighten their skin more then just 1-2 shades lighter.









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