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The "ORIGINAL" Laser Hair Loss Brush FOR Men & Women

The "ORIGINAL" Laser Hair Loss Brush FOR Men & Women

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This authentic laser hair brush is one of the most replicated  hair care products in the world, with many popping up everywhere that look exactly alike that are nothing more then a bunch of christmas lights attached to a brush.In addition,those that actually do say they are a hair loss brush must emit lasers within a exact and specified optimal wavelengh or they are completely useless. This laser hair brush emits pulse lasers within a exact wavelength range of 680 nm or nanometers,which is laboratory verified as many laser hair loss brushes or combs say they do however in reality are not within this very important wavelength range.To be very honest and transparent,the product claims to regrow hair, however this is not true with everybody. Everybody responds differently to treatment.However what the product does do is regrow 50% of your hair in the front as well as back in about 50% of individuals who use it .In addition ,at the very least one thing it does,and does very well, it completely stops and halts any further progression of hair loss and balding in 100% of individuals.Meaning from when you start using it, it will completely stop your hair loss if you use it daily for 2 -3 minutes.It may not regrow hair for everybody,but it will completely halt any further progression of hair loss.

Verified Reviews:

Greg Demers Davie,Florida United States 5/5 ***** The description is accurate.Ive been using this brush for a while now.There is no doubt it completely stopped my hair loss.As for if it regrow my lost hair , it did not .Probably 99% of people would be more then happy to retain all their hair if they started at the first signs of hair loss.

Lisa burnstein,Brooklyn New york United States  5/5 ***** I  replaced this brush from the saw palmetto capsules i was using as the capsules were not working.It has definetly stopped my hair loss.

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